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To survive in changing times, to get your message out in a crowed marketplace, to save costs and increase profitability you're going to have to be creative. Eldamar ltd exists as a creativity consultancy to guide you on the journey to re-discover, unleash and impliment the creativity inside you and your business.

It's about unlocking the talent that you already have. It's about showing you how to fish rather than giving you a fish on a plate. It's about guiding you to discover the hidden profit in your business and finding the best way to get at it.

The world of business is changing. There are new ways of thinking that will get you ahead. There are new ways of looking at how you deal with customers, your employees and supppliers. There are new ways of looking at promoting and growing your business.

Eldamar is your guide to this new way. In an age of masive choice for your customers and massive pressures on their time, your creativity is your hidden asset. Just one simple idea could change everything. We can show you how ideas are generated so you can solve problems and innovate on demand.

In this new conceptual, creative age, the message your image sends out to the world is more important than ever. Most businesses have ideas that sound good. Good graphic design is the process of making those business ideas look good.

You need a version of you that can be left behind with your customers – a brand identity, a business card, a brochure, a website – something that can continue to sell for you when you're not there. A company's visual identity, or brand, is a visual anchor that instantaneously creates and emotional response in a customer. You need to make sure you're sending out the desired emotional response.

Recently we have specialised in designing 'personal branding' for professional speakers, performers and consultants who are their brand.

Consultancy projects often include:
• Keynote talks for conferences
• Half or full-day workshops
• Telephone or one-to-one coaching and followups
• Troubleshooting strategy ideastoming sessions

Design projects often include:
• Enhancing, re-creating or rebranding logos and identities
• Personal brading for speakers, consultants and performers

• Photography
• Design of advertising campaigns, marketing materials and business stationery
• Websites, email newsletters and video
• Branding of books, workshooks, audiobooks, DVDs and other products
• Exhibitions and conferences
• Publsihing


Eldamar began as a music publishing and recording label for Ayd Instone and his bands in 1997. Initially designing CD artwork we expanded into other areas of graphic design such as business branding, consumer product packaging and marketing materials.

Eldamar became a limited company in 2001 and became a specialist in creating and managing global advertising and marketing campaigns for television, construction and large publishing houses including Oxford University Press and Macmillan Education.

In 2004 the company began its first training programmes called 'Ideas Workshop' and began creating a range of supporting books and materials to unlock creativity. In 2007 the range of workshops expanded to focus on improving business at the cheif executive level through work with The Academy of Chief Executives and other Leaders Forums including the Young Presidents Organisation in Nigeria. The company also manages a small base of keynote speakers. In 2008 we teamed up with Business Link to provide a touring workshop on using creativity to troubleshoot businesses.

In 2009 Eldamar launched 'Sunmakers' as a specialist branding and publishing arm for experts.

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Creativity, productivity and corporate image.

As a creativity consultancy, Eldamar ltd can troubleshoot your business, provide training, coaching or keynotes to enable you and your teams to unlock and use their creativity for innovation and profit.

We also help make your great business idea look good by developing your company, or personal brand and flowing that brand onto your marketing materials, websites and products.


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