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Here you'll find useful downloads and links that may help you and your business, especially in the realm of creativity, working with creative suppliers, branding and design.

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The 3-Year Vison Planner™
Get you your very own 3 Year Vision planner. Put it up and see how many days there are in a year and in three years. It can only help to get you focused and directed to your success.

goal chasm wheel of lifeThe Goal Chasm™
Every LifeCoach uses a thing called 'The Wheel of Life' to plot which areas of your life could be most in need of attention. A more fun way of looking at it is with The Goal Chasm.

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Creativity, productivity and corporate image.

As a creativity consultancy, Eldamar ltd can troubleshoot your business, provide training, coaching or keynotes to enable you and your teams to unlock and use their creativity for innovation and profit.

We also help make your great business idea look good by developing your company, or personal brand and flowing that brand onto your marketing materials, websites and products.

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