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Ayd Instone
— Creativity Speaker

— Expertise branding and publishing

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Here are some of the most popular speakers that we work with to deliver our programmes and keynotes.

ayd instone creativity

Ayd Instone is Eldamar's creative director. He is an expert in creative ideas, creative confidence and inspiration. He is an energetic and entertaining professional speaker. More details.

abbie cooke

Abbie Cooke is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur. She speaks on creativity and corporate social responsibilty in a highly inspiring and inventive way. More details.

dave sharpe

Dave Sharpe is a highly regarded event organiser, presenter and conference host.


For more information about our speakers and programmes please call
Ayd Instone, Creative Director on +44(0)1865 779944
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Creativity, productivity and corporate image.

As a creativity consultancy, Eldamar ltd can troubleshoot your business, provide training, coaching or keynotes to enable you and your teams to unlock and use their creativity for innovation and profit.

We also help make your great business idea look good by developing your company, or personal brand and flowing that brand onto your marketing materials, websites and products.

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